Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

  • 4 Etiquette Rules For A Fine Dining Restaurant

    Most people don't eat out at fine dining restaurants every day, so when the situation does arise, you might feel unsure of what etiquette rules you should be following. You would not want to make yourself look silly or rude by failing to follow fine dining conventions -- but if you're not aware of the rules, you could slip up and not even know it! Thankfully, the rules are pretty simple once you get to know them.

  • Ideas For An Italian Cookout

    Tired of grilled burgers and hot dogs for your holiday cookouts? Why not consider an Italian theme for your next summer party? Bowls of pasta and garlic bread are great, but they can be too heavy when the weather is warmer, so you need something light and healthy. Here are some tantalizing Italian food ideas perfect for a fun in the sun get together. Caprese Salad Everyone loves this light and refreshing appetizer.

  • 3 Reasons To Take Your Kids To Kid-Friendly Restaurant

    If you are looking for an excellent place to take your kids to dinner, you should consider a kid-friendly restaurant. This kind of restaurant has a lot to offer both you and your kids and you will likely have a good experience there. Here are three great reasons to take your kids to a kid-friendly restaurant.  Free KId's Meals With Paying Adult  A lot of kid-friendly restaurants have awesome deals when it comes to ordering food for your kids.

  • How To Enjoy Pizza Without The Guilt

    If pizza is your go-to food when you need to enjoy a guilty pleasure, you're not alone. One survey found that pizza was the top on the list of indulgent foods that respondents couldn't give up. Out of 50 possible choices, 40% of survey respondents said pizza was the guilty pleasure that they couldn't live without. But what if you could enjoy pizza without feeling guilty about it? It can be done – and no, you don't have to leave off the cheese or top all your pizzas with bean sprouts.

  • Counting Calories? Make These Changes At A Burger Restaurant

    The thought of digging into a heaping meal at a burger restaurant can quickly get your mouth watering. The menus at these popular American eateries are often extensive, giving you a choice of a long list of tantalizing fare. A burger restaurant might not be your first choice if you're counting calories, but you don't need to decline an invite from friends — nor do you necessarily have to simply order a salad.

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    Improving Your Restaurant

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