Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Stainless Steel Equipment To Use During Breakfast Service

Julia Payne

If you run an eatery that will soon be expanding its hours of operation to include breakfast service, there are a number of steps that you'll need to take. While deciding on a menu might be your top priority, you'll also need to invest in some specialized equipment as soon as you decide what will be on the menu. There are all sorts of types of equipment that you can use to prepare common breakfast foods, so contact a restaurant supply company to look at what it has available. Here are three stainless steel devices that you'll likely want.


A stainless steel griddle is a must-have piece of equipment for a restaurant that serves breakfast to its patrons. These griddles are available in several different sizes, so you should shop for one based not only on how much space you have in your kitchen, but also on how big your restaurant is. A stainless steel griddle is handy for preparing a wide range of breakfast foods. Egg dishes such as omelets and pancakes and proteins such as bacon and sausages are all quick and easy to cook on a stainless steel griddle.

Waffle Maker

While waffle makers designed for home use can be made from several different materials, you'll typically find that commercial-grade waffle makers are made from stainless steel. There are all sorts of waffle makers that you can consider, including those that produce round and square waffles. Many commercial waffle makers are large in size, allowing you to make multiple waffles at the same time. You have the option of buying a commercial waffle maker that you'll use in your restaurant kitchen or looking for one or more smaller devices that customers can use themselves if you set up a breakfast buffet.

Crepe Maker

While pancakes are easy to cook on a stainless steel griddle, you typically want a different surface on which to cook crepes. The thinness of crepes can make them a challenge, so it's ideal to use a commercial crepe maker for this job. These devices have circular stainless steel tops that are the ideal size for making crepes. Your kitchen staff place the crepe batter on this hot surface, run a specialized tool over it to make it as thin as possible, and then carefully lift it off when it's cooked. Having this device not only allows you to serve crepes for breakfast but also gives you the option of including savory crepes on your restaurant's lunch or dinner menu.

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