Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

3 Eateries That Can Benefit From Refrigerated Prep Rails

Julia Payne

A refrigerated prep rail is a piece of stainless steel equipment that you'll find in many restaurant kitchens. This product varies a little in design, but it's typically long and thin, with several compartments that can hold different ingredients. Unlike a conventional prep rail, this type is refrigerated. This will keep whatever ingredients you store in the compartments chilled to a temperature that you can customize. While it's easy to make the argument that virtually every type of eatery could benefit from using this piece of stainless steel equipment, here are three eateries for which refrigerated prep rails are especially a good idea.


Delis are busy at lunchtime, with people lining up to grab a sandwich and head back to work or continue with their weekend errands. Delis do their best to serve their customers as quickly as possible, especially at peak times. If you're opening a deli, you'll want to invest in a few refrigerated prep rails. You can install them at the back of your counter and fill them with the ingredients that people will most commonly want on their sandwiches — lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and more. As your staff members make sandwiches, the ingredients will be easily within reach.

Food Trucks

Food trucks can also benefit from having refrigerated prep rails. In this unique type of kitchen, space is often at a premium. This makes the compact design of a prep rail especially valuable. Additionally, the refrigerated nature of this device will help to keep your sandwich ingredients at a suitable temperature. The interior of food trucks can get very hot, especially during the summer, and the last thing that you want is to have warm ingredients such as lettuce on the sandwiches you serve.


Although refrigerated prep rails are common in commercial kitchens, they can also be useful where patrons can use them. For example, if you're opening a buffet area in your eatery, you'll want to think about what ingredients your customers will want. It can often make sense to have several refrigerated prep rails on the buffet, allowing patrons to help themselves to specific ingredients as they make up their plates. For example, on a breakfast buffet, you might have various types of sliced fruit in the compartments of a prep rail. To learn more about this handy restaurant device, as well as browse various products to find the right one for your eatery, check out a stainless steel restaurant equipment supplier.


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