Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're Looking For A Job As A Server

Julia Payne

Working as a server can be a fun, rewarding, and lucrative job. However, it can take time and effort to get one's foot in the door and find a good position waiting tables.

There are a few mistakes that future servers need to avoid to find the best possible serving opportunity in the restaurant industry in their area.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when you're looking for a job as a server.

Being shy

Being shy is one of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid to get hired as a server. The ideal server is outgoing and confident. 

When you're interviewing, it's important to show your personality and to be easy to talk to. When you're out and about, it's a good idea to strike up conversations with server staff at restaurants to inquire about open positions so that you can show your assertiveness while also uncovering good opportunities. 

Failing to take full advantage of past work and volunteer experiences

Some restaurants will only hire servers with past experience. If you've ever worked at a restaurant or in food service, be sure to mention these past experiences.

At the same time, you should also realize that you might have past work experience that may be considered relevant even if you've never worked in food service. If you've worked in customer service or in any position involving interacting with the public, this experience might help you to land a server job. 

Neglecting your appearance

While appearances are always important when you're looking for a job, appearances are especially essential when it comes to finding work as a server. Restaurant owners want to hire servers who take good care of their appearance because they know that their servers represent their business to their customers. 

Make sure you focus on looking well groomed and clean-cut whenever you inquire about server positions and go in for job interviews. 

Not setting time aside to prepare for your interviews

Don't underestimate the importance of preparing for your interviews. You need to have quick answers to all the questions that come up. Excellent communication skills are key for a server, so how smoothly and effectively you interact with your interviewer can have a huge impact on whether you're offered a job. 

Not doing enough research on restaurants you apply to and interview at

You should learn as much as possible about restaurants to which you apply for work. You can research the menu, reputation, and tip-making potential of various restaurants in your area to find a serving opportunity that best matches your preferences and expectations. 

Getting discouraged

It can take time to land a good job as a server. However, remember that a lot of restaurants have high turnover for server positions.

High turnover means that a restaurant may very well have an opening in a few days even if you're initially told that the restaurant is not currently hiring. Leaving an application on file may be more likely than you expect to result in a phone call in the very near future. 

To learn more about server jobs, reach out to local restaurants.


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