Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Beyond Pizza: Other Italian Dishes Well Suited For Takeout

Julia Payne

Pizza is the ultimate takeout food. It travels well, stays warm in a cardboard box, and surely satisfies a hungry stomach. However, there are other Italian foods that are also well suited for takeout. Here are a few that are well worth ordering if you need a break from pizza.


Some pasta dishes get messy in a takeout container, and some may absorb the sauce too much by the time they arrive. But lasagna does tend to travel well. The noodles are thick and hearty, so they stand the test of travel. The stacked style of the lasagna also keeps it tidy. When you order takeout lasagna, the portions tend to be pretty large, so you may be able to order one portion for two people to share, especially if you pair the lasagna with a salad or some fruit on the side.


Ravioli are another pasta dish that's well suited to takeout. The filling, whether it is meat or cheese, is trapped inside the pasta. So, it can't really spill out and make a mess. Some Italian restaurants will send the sauce in a separate container when sending ravioli. This way, you can pour the sauce over the dish yourself, preventing any sogginess.


Focaccia may not typically be enjoyed as a full meal, but at some restaurants, it's so delicious that it's really all you need to eat — along with maybe a side salad and some sauce to dip it in. Since this is basically an Italian version of flatbread, it definitely travels well and is well suited to being served as takeout. Some restaurants automatically serve focaccia with dipping sauces on the side. If yours does not, then order a separate container of both Alfredo sauce and tomato sauce. Each presents a unique dipping experience.

Caprese Salad

You may not think of salad as being a typical takeout food, but caprese salad is different. All this salad consists of is sliced mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil leaves. The salad is drizzled with olive oil and sometimes some basic Italian seasonings. But the ingredients won't really get soggy; there's no lettuce to worry about. Thanks to the cheese, this salad is reasonably filling, too.

If you want to order Italian food to be delivered but you're not in the mood for pizza, consider the options above. Each one is unique, but they all travel well.

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