Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Tips for Ordering Pizza Delivery Late at Night

Julia Payne

One of the best things about pizza delivery is that you can order it late at night. Most pizza shops stay open late on the weekends, and some even stay open late on weeknights for customers who are craving that midnight slice. In most ways, ordering pizza to be delivered late at night is just like ordering pizza mid-day. However, there are a few specific tips you should follow when ordering pizza past the typical dinner hour.

Give the driver details about your house.

Drivers typically have a harder time finding houses late at night. They will have to slow down and look more carefully for your house number. To save your driver some time and potentially get your pizza sooner, it's a good idea to give them as much guidance as possible when it comes to your home's location. Is it mid-way down the street or just a few houses from the corner? Is there anything unique at the end of the driveway, such as a fence or a flower bed? The more details you share with the driver, the better.

Ask for your order to be repeated back.

Late at night, you're probably tired, and the person taking your order is probably tired, too. When people are tired, mistakes happen — especially late at night. After putting in your order, ask for it to be repeated back to you. It's easier to catch and fix mistakes at this stage than when the driver arrives at your door with the wrong pizza.

Pay over the phone, if possible.

Late at night, most pizza delivery drivers do not like driving around with too much cash. Even in so-called "safe" neighborhoods, there have been cases in which delivery drivers are stolen from. So, pay over the phone if possible. Some pizza delivery restaurants will take a credit card or debit card number over the phone. Others even have an app you can use to order and pay online. Make sure you leave a tip for the driver, too — maybe with a couple of extra dollars thrown in for the late-night convenience.

It's so nice to be able to order pizza late at night. And if you follow the above tips in doing so, both you and the driver who delivers your pizza should have a better experience. To learn more, ask your favorite local restaurant about their pizza delivery options.


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