Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

How To Attract New Customers To Your Caribbean Restaurant Via Delivery Services

Julia Payne

More and more, food delivery is preferred by Americans as a convenient and safe way to dine out. Your Caribbean restaurant will benefit from bringing in new clientele by following this delivery trend in food services, even if you don't currently offer food delivery in your restaurant.

Do you want to attract more customers to your restaurant even as fewer Americans, in general, dine out? Consider these restaurant facts: 60% of Americans use food delivery or takeout once a week, 31% of people use delivery services of some type twice a week or more, and people tend to spend more money when they do takeout or delivery than they do when they actually dine inside a restaurant. It's worth it to you to add food delivery to your restaurant; here are ways you can do that.

Make delivery an online or call-in option

To make it easier for customers to order from your restaurant, make delivery something customers can do online. If individuals have to call in an order over picking and choosing from an online menu, they may take their business elsewhere. You still want to have call-in options for customers who prefer a more personal interaction.

Make delivery easy to do

You will have customers who don't know what a Caribbean restaurant serves, so you want to ensure you appeal to these patrons. Do this by having a descriptive online and takeout menu people can pick from, with photographs to showcase your more popular offerings. Being transparent about your menu items will help patrons make proper orders, increase customer satisfaction by reducing confusion and inaccurate ordering, and will save your restaurant money in not having to replace or refund incorrect orders made by customers. This can be especially helpful to market to customers who are not familiar with Caribbean cuisine.

Make delivery fast

Accuracy and swiftness are key factors to consider when starting with delivery for your Caribbean restaurant. You want your restaurant to operate with little interruption, so outsource delivery to third party delivery services, bring on more cooks to help prepare food on days where you expect delivery to boom, or make your online menu more limited than your in-house one so you can have the swiftest-prepared menu items prepped and ready for your daily deliveries.

Your Caribbean restaurant can thrive when you add food delivery to your business. Customers will be grateful for having another way they can enjoy your food, and you can make dining experiences more successful for everyone as a result. 

For more information about delivery options from a Caribbean restaurant, contact a local business.


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