Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Change How You View Tuna With One Of These Restaurant Dishes

Julia Payne

When you think about tuna, there's a good chance that you imagine the canned, grayish product that you mix with mayonnaise and spread between two pieces of bread for a quick workday lunch. There's little doubt that a lot of people enjoy tuna sandwiches, but if you're interested in this type of fish, it's important to know that there are many other ways that you can enjoy it. The next time that you visit a seaside seafood restaurant, scan through the menu to identify some tuna dishes. There's a good chance that there will be a variety of ways that you can enjoy tuna — and that none of them include mayonnaise and bread. Here are three tuna dishes to try.

Seared Tuna

Among tuna aficionados, few dishes are as popular as seared tuna. This is a fixture on the menus of many high-end seafood restaurants. While there are different ways to approach the preparation of this tuna dish, it's common to keep it simple. Often, you'll find that a piece of tuna is coated in pepper, seared on a hot grill for just a short amount of time, and then sliced. The outer edges of the tuna will be cooked, but the interior will be raw — much like tuna sashimi at a sushi restaurant. Many seafood restaurants feature this dish as an appetizer.

Tuna Steak

Another way to enjoy tuna at a seafood restaurant is by ordering a tuna steak. There are some similarities between a tuna steak and seared tuna — namely, the fact that both are seared for just a short amount of time to avoid overcooking this delicate fish. When you order a steak, though, you'll often get a main-course-sized meal, and it will come in a solid chunk instead of being thinly sliced in the kitchen. Some restaurants sprinkle sesame seeds, chives, or other ingredients over their tuna steaks before serving them.

Tuna Ceviche

Lots of high-end seafood restaurants have multiple ceviche dishes on their menu. This term describes raw fish that is often combined with ingredients such as lemon juice, onions, and other flavors. There are many different ways that you might encounter tuna ceviche as an appetizer. It might be served in a small bowl, it might be placed inside a series of small, soft tortillas, or even served alongside slices of grilled bread. Some ceviche dishes are spicy, which can add another flavor profile to the tuna.


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