Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

4 Tips To Enjoy Happy Hour

Julia Payne

Happy hour is a beloved restaurant tradition. In order to entice customers to frequent the restaurant during low traffic hours, many owners will offer drinks at a discounted price. Happy hour can allow you to go out and enjoy yourself, even if you have a limited budget. Here are four tips that will help you enjoy your next happy hour to the fullest.

1. Take note of happy hour start and end times.

Happy hour typically occurs around five o'clock, but it can vary between restaurants. Some restaurants and bars have happy hours that begin as early as three o'clock, while others don't start discounting drinks until at least six o'clock. Plan your happy hour excursion in advance. Next time you're at your favorite bar or restaurant, take note of their happy hour times. Jot them down or keep them in your memory for future reference.

2. Wait to order drinks until happy hour begins.

Alcoholic beverages are deeply discounted during happy hour. However, in order to take advantage of happy hour prices, you'll need to wait to order your drinks until happy hour begins. Keep an eye on the clock. Some restaurants are very strict about happy hour. You don't want to accidentally miss out on a great deal because you ordered a few minutes too early, so be patient. Chatting with your friends is a great way to pass the time until happy hour officially begins.

3. Try the house specials.

During happy hour, you're likely to find some standard domestic and imported beers at a discount. However, many restaurants also have house special drinks to offer. These drinks are cocktails blended with unique ingredients. Happy hour is a great time to have your favorite beverages, but it's also a good opportunity to try drinks you might not otherwise order. There's little risk because all of the drinks are such a great value.

4. Take advantage of discounted happy hour appetizers.

Drinks are what people usually associate with happy hour, but the discounts don't stop there. If you're hungry, you'll be able to find something to fill your stomach. Many bars and restaurants offer appetizers for less than full price. Enjoy fries or onion rings with your drink. If you have a big appetite, you can choose more substantial fare like chicken wings. Eating while having alcoholic beverages is a great way to moderate your level of inebriation.


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