Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

How To Make The Most Mouthwatering Burger EVER

Julia Payne

Handcrafted hamburgers are the toast of every menu. If you have some burger recipes that sound divine, people are going to want to come to your restaurant to eat them. More importantly, creating a burger that is so mouthwatering and delicious takes a few secret ingredients and a few secret steps. Here is how you can make the most mouthwatering, juicy, and flavorful burger ever. 

Use Only the Freshest Ground Beef

If you have to go out, select your own beef cattle, and slaughter it yourself, do it. Otherwise, go to a professional butcher shop and request a pound of the freshest ground beef (not frozen!) the butcher has. Frozen beef means that the meat is older, and more likely subject to freezer burn or freezer flavor where it does not quite taste like beef. It is ideal to wash your hands and pat out the patties with your bare hands, but if you want the burgers more uniform, there are professional beef patty molds you can buy and use. 

Soak the Patties in a Pan Filled with Beef Broth or Au Jus

Beef broth or "au jus" contains just enough salt and seasonings to flavor the meat without overpowering it. Additionally, soaking the patties in the broth or au jus allows the meat to soak up some of the extra moisture of the liquid, which is what you want right before you grill. For added flavor (and if you like onions), pour a little French onion soup in with the beef broth or au jus before placing the patties in the liquid. Cover and refrigerate overnight. 

Grill the Patties to Medium Well

People like rare or medium-rare meat, but restaurants try to avoid cooking it for too short a time because of food poisoning. While most restaurants rarely have to contend with that, you are cooking at home where food poisoning may have a much higher risk of occurrence. Ergo, grill your patties to medium well, at the very least. This leaves just a hint of pink inside each patty and helps the burger keep most of the meat juices packed inside. The meat will still be a little pink, but also hot enough to destroy any possible bacteria that might have accidentally snuck into the meat during preparation. 

Taste the Burger Before You Add Toppings or More Seasoning

All good chefs taste their food before adding anything else to it. Taste a burger to see how flavorful it is. If it needs a little more seasoning, now you can add it. Then top it with all of your favorite toppings. 


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