Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Vegetarian Barbeque Sandwich Ideas For Your Event

Julia Payne

If you're a vegetarian and are planning a casual special event, you can't go wrong with serving sandwiches .The handheld meals are ideal for both lunch and dinner, and are sure to please guests of all ages. 

You may think that you can't have barbeque sandwiches on your party menu if you don't eat meat, but there are actually a variety of delicious vegetarian options from which to choose. You can use everything from tofu to soy-based grounds to create barbeque sandwich shop-worthy sandwiches that may even delight any meat-eaters on your guest list. 

Barbeque sandwiches make the perfect party for for a wide range of special events an occasions, such as kid and adult birthday parties, class and family reunions, holiday celebrations, and bridal and baby showers. They make especially ideal meals for outdoor soirees, as you can use grills to prepare them.

Depending on your event-planning budget and the size of your celebration, you can either make the sandwiches yourself in your own kitchen, or hire a caterer to do the job for you. If you go the professional catering route, look for a company that specializes in vegetarian food, or that is open to tweaking their recipes to include meat-free options.

As another idea, your can hire your favorite vegetarian restaurant to make the barbeque sandwiches for your celebration. Even if they don't have a catering menu, they may offer a discount when buying large quantities of food. 

Here are some vegetarian barbeque sandwich ideas to consider for your next special event:

1. Sloppy Joes

Traditionally made using ground beef, you can easily substitute soy-based crumbles or grounds instead. Simply cook the meat-free crumbles according the package instructions, and then stir in your favorite prepared sloppy Joe sauce. You can also make your own using tomato sauce, vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and mustard. 

Serve the mixture in buns alongside pickles and potato chips, or any other type of casual side dish, including potato salad or cole slaw.

2.Pulled Portobello Sandwiches

You can replicate the texture and flavor of traditional pulled pork barbeque sandwiches by substituting portobello mushrooms for the meat instead. To create the filling, grill the mushrooms to create the signature smoky flavor, and then shred them using two forks. Next, toss them with your favorite barbeque sauce, and then serve on buns. 

To create a more intense, meaty flavor, you can add a bit of liquid smoke to the mixture as well.

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