Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Here's How You Can Easily Enjoy Pizza With Friends As A Vegan

Julia Payne

Whether you've been a vegan for years or you are just getting started, there is no reason why you can't enjoy a good pizza with friends. Here's how you can easily do so.

Bring Your Own "Cheese"

Most pizza restaurants understand that some of their customers are allergic to dairy and others simply choose not to consume it, so they offer plant-based cheese options to replace the dairy when possible. But if the pizza restaurant you visit doesn't offer an in-house dairy option, you can bring your own plant-based cheese along and ask them to put it on the pizza you order instead of the dairy stuff when they cook it. You'll be left with a "cheesy" pizza to enjoy just like the rest of your friends.

Ask for Replacements

You can save yourself some money when ordering a vegan pizza by asking for replacements rather than purchasing toppings separately. For example, you can order a pepperoni pizza special and ask for olives and spinach instead of cheese and pepperoni. If you were to order the toppings separately, the same pizza could cost you several dollars more. Any pizza on the menu should be able to be made into a customized pizza; you can replace the dairy and meat products with veggie topping options.

Consider Some Sides

To make sure that you're full and satisfied after your meal, it's a good idea to consider ordering at least one side dish along with your pizza. While vegan pizza is delicious, it can be a bit on the light side because it's not loaded with meat and dairy. So adding some bread sticks, some pasta, or a salad to your pizza order will help round things out and ensure that you're full when all is said and done. Spend some time studying the side dish menu before placing your pizza order so you don't end up ordering the same toppings that your side dishes come with.

Order Enough to Share

When your vegan pizza gets delivered to your table, there is a good chance that your friends will be interested and want to try it. So don't order just a slice or two, or even a personal-sized pizza. Make sure that you order enough to fill yourself up but still be able to share with the other people at your dining table. If nobody ends up wanting a piece of your pizza, you'll have leftovers to take home and enjoy during the next couple of days.


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