Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Counting Calories? Make These Changes At A Burger Restaurant

Julia Payne

The thought of digging into a heaping meal at a burger restaurant can quickly get your mouth watering. The menus at these popular American eateries are often extensive, giving you a choice of a long list of tantalizing fare. A burger restaurant might not be your first choice if you're counting calories, but you don't need to decline an invite from friends — nor do you necessarily have to simply order a salad. Instead, by making a handful of simple changes when you order, you'll be dramatically cutting down on the calories of your dish, but it will still be enjoyable to eat. Here are some changes that you can make:

Go With One Patty

At a burger restaurant, you can often find double, triple, and even quadruple hamburgers — in other words, as many as eight beef patties between the two bun halves. Bulking up your burger can be exciting, but can also elevate the meal's caloric content quickly. You'll save a lot of potential calories by focusing on just one burger patty. There's nothing wrong with this old-fashioned approach, even if your friends are excited to order two or three patties on their burgers.

Enjoy A Lettuce Wrap

One of the reasons that a burger can be high in calories is because of the bun. When you're counting calories, skipping the bun can make a big difference. This doesn't mean that you'll need to order a plain patty and eat it with a knife and fork. Instead, you may have the choice of ordering your burger on a lettuce wrap. Many burger restaurants offer this bun alternative to their calorie-counting crowd, and your patty and favorite toppings will be sandwiched between two large lettuce leaves, allowing you to easily pick up and eat the burger as you would with a bun.

Don't Dip

It's hard to enjoy a burger without a side dish of fries or onion rings. These two sides can be high in calories, so you're smart to order a small size of either to accompany your burger. Many people favor dipping their fries and onion rings in ketchup, mayonnaise, and even dressing-style dips that may be offered at your burger restaurant of choice. Even though small dips might seem innocuous, they can quickly boost the caloric content of your meal. You're better off dressing your fries, for example, in a bit of vinegar and a small amount of salt.

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