Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Tips For Planning Your Around-The-World Party

Julia Payne

One of the best ideas for a party can be the "around the world" theme that celebrates customs, food, and decor from different countries, especially if your guests don't have the opportunity to enjoy these cultures on a regular basis. If you're planning your around the world event, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Have food delivered, and choose less conventional options. 

Research the best ethnic restaurants in your area and order the food ahead of time. If you can, make sure you include classic dishes from each country. Many restaurants will deliver, so don't be afraid to think outside the box. For example, you might get Vietnamese food delivery instead of Chinese, since most people are already familiar with Chinese food. You might choose Chilean food instead of Mexican food and opt for Greek or Hungarian food instead of Italian. If you can find foods from countries that people visit and enjoy from less often, your party will be more memorable.  For more information about ethnic foods available in your area, contact restaurants near you.

2. Source accurate decor.

Don't make the mistake of bringing decor to the party that is not accurate. For example, many people represent individual Asian countries with decor from Japan or China. However, Vietnam has a different language and a different culture. Try not to represent certain cultures with items that aren't actually from that area of the world. It will mean more to your guests to see decor and enjoy dishes that really do reflect the areas of the world you are trying to highlight. Flags may seem cliche, but these are often the easiest to find and the best way to help guests identify the country that each part of the party represents.

If you can't find decor from the regions you are hoping to highlight, fall back on a travel theme instead. Prove a signpost that points in the directions of the countries people will "visit" at the party, and provide passports and travel stickers for each guest. 

3. Encourage dress up.

Ask people to come in clothes that reflect another place. Some people might have a full Scottish kilt, while others may enjoy the chance to wear the lederhosen they have stashed at the back of the closet. Remind guests to be respectful of whatever country they are representing at the party. Many people have often to been to other places and have some sort of dress item they can wear. 


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