Improving Your Restaurant

Improving Your Restaurant

Previously-Owned Bakery Equipment: What To Know

Julia Payne

The prospect of getting everything you want for your brand-new, small bakery can be a daunting one until you consider previously-owned equipment and appliances. These pieces can be affordable and work just great. Just be sure that before any buying, you use the tips here:

Measure Everything

You might already have a list of what you need. That list could include an oven, a freezer, a blender, and the other regular supplies you plan to use. However, if you don't want to make any mistakes, you're going to consider the measurements of not only your kitchen but the pieces that you're considering. You might find a freezer you love, but if it's not going to fit well in the commercial kitchen, you'll have to pass. This is especially important when getting previously-owned equipment, as sometimes return policies can be restrictive.


The ENERGY STAR rating of every appliance should be looked at so that you're sure that anything you buy won't be an energy hog that ends up costing you a lot of money in electric or gas costs. Some very old pieces are not rating and are generally not as environmentally-friendly as much newer models; therefore, even if you're buying previously-owned pieces, you should make sure that they are new enough to have a rating.

Find Parts Vendors

Before you finally make a purchase, take some days to find out where you can get different parts in case something breaks down. If you're planning to purchase a Taylor freezer, for instance, it's smart to know who sells Taylor freezer parts beforehand. That way, if you should need new gaskets or other replacements, you'll already know where you can get the parts easily. You won't have to waste precious time doing a search when you need a solution right away. You may find some vendors on the internet, but you should do a local check as well.

Investigate Warranties

One of the best things you can do before you get any equipment is to investigate existing warranties. It can be surprising that even pieces that are some years old are still under warranty; even if the entire appliance is not, particular components could still have a manufacturer's protection. Not only that, but a number of the local and online suppliers could offer their own service agreements and warranties that can help you.

With all these pointers, acquiring all the pieces you need for your new kitchen won't be a problem. Discuss your particular budding bakery with retailers, suppliers and other bakery owners for more information.

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